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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HORNET?#

HORNET is a community driven IOTA full node. It is written in Go which makes it lightweight and fast.

Does HORNET Run on the Mainnet?#

Yes, HORNET was released in mid 2020 and replaced the Java implementation called IRI.

Can I run HORNET on a Raspberry Pi?#

Yes, you can run HORNET on a Raspberry Pi 4B with an external SSD. However, we recommend that you run HORNET on a more powerful device.

I have difficulties setting up HORNET. Where can I get help?#

Our community loves helping you. Just ask your questions in the #hornet channel on the official IOTA Discord Server

Can I contribute?#

Of course, you are very welcome! Just send a PR or offer your help in the #hornet channel on the official IOTA Discord Server

I found a bug, what should I do?#

Please open a new issue. We'll have a look at your bug report as soon as possible.

I'm missing feature xyz. Can you add it?#

Please open a new feature request. We cannot assure that the feature will actually be implemented. Pull requests are very welcome!